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We do everything in our power to ensure that we’re running at top speed. From food and beverage services, to intricate operations and revenue management, we’re dedicated to delivering our clients and our partners top quality services and business operations. We know what it takes to be the #1 in hospitality. And we’re committed to being an industry leader.

Human Resources

Well-trained, highly motivated associates are what make an organization great. Our HR department makes sure that we constantly have a winning team. For new and seasoned associates alike, the training never stops. Our programs are modeled to create employee loyalty and minimize the rate of turnover. Initiatives include management training, team building exercises and educational seminars. Our team actively recruits future leaders by attending college job fairs and events in our local community.
  • Constant Professional Development
  • Expertise in Field Trends & Benefits
  • Culture Development & Maintenance

Finance / Accounting

Centralized accounting services for our hotels results in lower administrative payroll costs and more accurate and timely financial information. Both monthly and quarterly reports are prepared for ownership. These reports include an analysis of present, past and projected performance levels. Our finance department is integral to effective cost control and to increasing our bottom-line. The combination of planning, data creation and proper analysis enables owners to make timely and well-informed investment decisions.
  • Manage Portfolio Cash Flow
  • New Property Financing
  • Individual Property Monthly and Quarterly Financial Reviews
  • Budget/Forecast

Planning & Development

We believe that every one of our employees truly needs to understand how to generate revenue and grow our business. Our strategic business plan for each hotel is the blueprint for success for every one of our properties. This carefully thought out plan includes a realistic operating budget, a capital improvement budget, and a sales and marketing plan. All budgets and plans are consistent with current franchise and local market requirements; they must all be approved by ownership before implementation.
  • Always looking for ways to grow
  • Creation of budgets and marketing plans
  • Study and understand local markets


We’ve developed close relationships with many suppliers and manufacturers. Due to economies of scale, purchasing power is realized. We’re constantly looking to expand our company and grow our brand. Whether that be with properties or with our people. We take great pride in being able to find and keep the most competent associates, and to create successful business plans that allow us to purchase multiple locations. While also saving ownership unnecessary expenditures, quality renovations are easily achieved.
  • Producing above market results
  • Longevity of associates
  • Expedited growth of company and locations

Development & Construction

The Amerilodge Group provides an experienced construction management team, whether you are building an entirely new hotel or renovating an existing one. We can manage the entire project for you—from start to finish. Alternatively, should you only require management help with certain project components, our construction managers can work seamlessly with your internal staff, providing the needed resources and expertise to round out your project team. We also offer a full breadth of consulting services to advise you during the project.
  • Complete construction management services
  • Valuable resources at your disposal
  • Consulting services for every aspect


Operations Excellence leads to staff retention, high guest satisfaction, and financial success.  We focus on our teams and make sure they have the training and tools to meet our guests’ needs and, in turn, guarantee financial goals are met and exceeded. We set and carefully monitor expense controls.  Payroll is analyzed daily, energy costs controlled, preventative maintenance and risk management programs established and an informative and thorough policy and procedures manual is utilized by our hotel leaders. We are firmly dedicated to running successful, service-driven hotels and we have the proper plans in place for our teams to meet and exceed all goals.
  • Training for excellence in service and staff retention
  • Consistently comparing and managing costs
  • Executing precautionary measures

Food & Beverage

It is our goal to deliver a prompt, courteous and delightful dining experience to our guests. We procure all of our food and beverage from only the highest quality and most reputable vendors. Amerilodge partners with companies that hold themselves to the same high standards we follow. Our commitment to our guests requires our food service associates execute the proper service etiquette and always follow the latest industry standards in food safety and health codes. We consistently train our associates to provide a memorable and delicious experience in an atmosphere tailored to our guests’ expectations.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and courteous service
  • High-quality products cooked to our guests’ expectations
  • Strict health code guidelines

Revenue Management

We place special emphasis on a strong and effective revenue management team. Sales works strongly on two levels: locally and nationally. Our strategies are people-oriented, measurable and effective. A comprehensive sales and marketing plan is the core of our revenue strategy. This includes an evaluation of market competition, property strengths and weaknesses. Our directors of sales and marketing work with each property’s sales managers to evaluate opportunities and develop targeted strategies and action plans to maximize contributions.
  • Meeting daily sales goals
  • Market insight
  • Comprehensive sales training

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